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Mechanical Engineer with experience in the Ballistic Armor and Radar Test Range manufacturing industry. Competitive IDPA, Steel Challenge, USPSA shooter with nearly a decade of experience concealing weapons in Non-Permissive Environments. Student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Orchestrated the Atlanta Training Group and Forum

Training CV:

  • Tactical Response:
    • Multiple Fighting Pistol alumnus
    • Multiple Fighting Rifle alumnus
    • The Fight
    • HRCC: Small Unit Tactics
  • Paul Gomez (Gomez Training International):
    • Robust Pistol Manipulations
    • 1 day Medical
  • Craig Douglas (Shivworks):
    • Multiple ECQC graduate
    • Armed Movement in Structures
  • Jeff Bloovman (Armed Dynamics):
    • Defensive Pistol I (assistant instructor)
    • Shotgun Private Training
  • Cecil Burch (Immediate Action Jiu Jitsu):
    • Crazy Monkey Boxing seminar
  • Claude Werner (firearms safety training LLC):
    • Snub Revolver
    • Decisional Shooting Course
    • Concealed Carry Basics
    • Private Training
    • Assistant instructor on several courses
  • Dennis Martin (CQB Services):
    • Executive Protection Course
  • The Patriot Nurse: Medical Prep 101
  • Attended the Mid-Atlantic Tactical Conference of 2010:
    • Trained with Paul Sharp, Larry Lindenmen, Chris Fry, Craig Douglas, Paul Gomez, and many others