Sean Brogan


Sean BroganA USMC Veteran, and a professional Coach by nature and trade. When not engaged in corporate consulting and coaching on Kaizen mindset & practices utilizing Scrum, Kanban, and Lean principles he can be found on the range coaching those wishing to increase their knowledge of all things gunpowder related. If you can’t find him on the range swing by Fusion Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts in Marietta, GA. Sean actively studies submission grappling and mma techniques and competes in both North American Grappling Association (with division 1st place finishes in 2012 & 2013) and NewBreed Ultimate Challenge open competitions.  His company motto embraces the philosophy “only hits matter” and the first to strike gains the upper hand; “First Round, On Target, In Time, Always”!

  • Veteran, Sergeant United States Marine Corps
    • Desert Shield/Desert Storm
    • Operation Restore Hope
    • Philippines; 1989 coup d’etat attempt
  • USMC Security Force  Bn Cadre Trainers Course; MOS 8153
  • National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Handgun & Shotgun Instructor – Certification Current
  • Guest Coach Fusion Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts
  • Assistant Coach The Complete Combatant
  • Extensive training under the Tactical Response cadre of instructors. Multiple graduate of and assistant coach (*);
    • High Risk Civilian Contractor – CQB (Raids & Rescues)*
    • High Risk Civilian Contractor – Direct Action
    • High Risk Civilian Contractor – Small Unit Tactics *
    • Tactical Instructor
    • Advanced Fighting Pistol *
    • Fighting Pistol *
    • Advanced Fighting Rifle *
    • Fighting Rifle *
    • Fighting Shotgun
    • Precision Rifle *
    • Sniper (* only)
    • The Fight – Force on Force Scenarios (* only)
    • Georgia (Atlanta) area Course Host
  • Graduate of OPS Training “Surgical Speed Shooting” conducted by Andy Stanford
  • Training with Paul Gomez
  • Participant in 2009 National Tactical Invitational training alongside;
    • James Yeager (Tactical Response)
    • Jay Gibson (Tactical Response)
    • Brian Brekau (Tactical Response)
    • John and Vicki Farnam (
    • Tom Givens (Rangemaster)