Hitting It


Pssst. Over here. Wanna know a secret? The mystery? The magic to hitting your target?

Sights & Trigger.

Align the sights and press the trigger while keeping the sights aligned. That’s it. Done each and every time and you’ll make hits. Force it, fudge it, half step it, and you’ll be plagued with frustration.

The “secret” to accurately shooting a handgun or any firearm for that matter lies in what you do. Your actions determine whether the bullet hits its intended mark or does not. The thought you put into the shot and the physical act of making the shot result in one of two possible outcomes; the bullet goes where you wanted or the bullet goes somewhere unintended. The difference in outcomes is a result of what you did vs. what you thought you did.

Understanding the difference requires you to be of two minds; both active participant and impartial observer. The bullet goes where the sights are aligned at the moment of the “bang”. In either case there are valuable lessons to be learned…

Front Sight Focus


One response to “Hitting It

  1. Nice post Sean. This is proven day in and day out….align sights and press trigger!