Practical Pistol 1

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Saturday 27-Feb-2016
8:45 am - 5:00 pm

Dahlonega, GA

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6 responses to “Practical Pistol 1

  1. My name is Shelley and I have attended the Practical Pistol 1 class no less than 7 times over the last few years (along w Practical Pistol 2 and Practical Rifle 1 & 2). I have had a carry license for 5 years and have been actively seeking instruction/training for roughly 4 of those. I have trained at indoor ranges and outdoor ranges and I prefer OUTSIDE ranges hands down! I keep coming back to CMTT because the evolution of class drills are ever changing. It is NEVER “Groundhog Day” and CMTT! I really like that no matter who is in class, beginner to advanced, there is always a thorough medical brief and discussion of the 4 (or 5) safety rules. They run a safe range with constant supervision yet they are not in your face. I am constantly impressed with the quality instruction that Brian and Sean give…..they are second to NONE! Lets spread the word that CMTT is well worth the investment in yourself and your families safety!

  2. My wife and I had the opportunity to take CMTT’s Practical Pistol 1 course last month. We have owned firearms for years and always enjoyed getting out and shooting together, but felt like we could benefit from some quality formal training. CMTT’s Practical Pistol 1 provided us with exactly what we were looking for. Sean’s and Brian’s focus on fundamentals, logic, and teaching the “why” behind the drills we were doing was excellent. It’s a minor thing, but learning the “why” and not just the “how” gives you the ability to more easily transfer a given skill from one set of conditions to another. My wife and I feel that we now have a strong foundation to build on as we continue to improve our self-defense and responsible gun owner skills.

    I had spent a decade in the US Army Infantry. While I had the opportunity to take part in quality firearms training on many occasions, Sean’s class is hands down the best pistol training I have ever received. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone and my wife and I, both, look forward to taking more of CMTT’s courses in the future.

  3. Jeffrey M. West

    Practical pistol 1, Dahlonega range

    Congratulations CMTT on the new range! Saturdays class was better than ever with new drills and a perfect setting for instruction. It is always surprising at the end of just a one day course to see the amount of progress in your mental and physical skills. Thank you coaches Sean and Brian. Well done!

  4. Looking forward Coach!!

  5. Time to get your training fix started…

  6. Time to get your training fix started…

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