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The Little Things…

Performance Test 1 - Passed!

Precision Shooter-1. Performance Test 1 – Passed!


As instructors coaches it is our responsibility to insure we set our students up for success. We must remember our words and actions have profound impact on our students. Quippy one liners and movie quote madness does have a nice way of punctuating our lessons and intentions while making for some interesting YouTube highlights. Though well intentioned are we inadvertently sending conflicting messages?

One interesting quote I hear regurgitated over and over is “aim small miss small”. A brilliant and memorable line delivered by Mr. Mel Gibson in The Patriot. A scene filled with heartfelt emotion and action implying the importance of applied marksmanship and first round hits in an era where the need for follow up shots meant a lengthy and inconvenient reloading process during what would likely be a time sensitive situation.

So what’s my beef? Well, it’s quite simple. I believe the “…miss small” aspect of the quote subconsciously conditions the student to accept a margin or degree of inaccuracy. Under ideal conditions a shooter applying proper marksmanship fundamentals should expect very precise and accurate hits. Hits that go exactly where they are intended every time. Striving for this degree of accuracy reinforces the applicability of fundamentals. Fundamentals that will continue to yield expected results when the roof has blown off the house, the walls have come tumbling down, and the proverbial shit has hit the fan.

I train my students to make HITS. Misses, no matter how SMALL are still misses and frankly unacceptable.

To those of you be it student, coach, or mentor that follow the path I recommend a small modification to the popular quote for your consideration; “Aim small HIT small”. Because in the words of Danny Elfman, The Little Things, “Someone has to pay for the little things”, and I’d rather it not be one of us.

– Sean

1st round, on target, in time, always!


Hitting It


Pssst. Over here. Wanna know a secret? The mystery? The magic to hitting your target?

Sights & Trigger.

Align the sights and press the trigger while keeping the sights aligned. That’s it. Done each and every time and you’ll make hits. Force it, fudge it, half step it, and you’ll be plagued with frustration.

The “secret” to accurately shooting a handgun or any firearm for that matter lies in what you do. Your actions determine whether the bullet hits its intended mark or does not. The thought you put into the shot and the physical act of making the shot result in one of two possible outcomes; the bullet goes where you wanted or the bullet goes somewhere unintended. The difference in outcomes is a result of what you did vs. what you thought you did.

Understanding the difference requires you to be of two minds; both active participant and impartial observer. The bullet goes where the sights are aligned at the moment of the “bang”. In either case there are valuable lessons to be learned…

Front Sight Focus